The Iraq Freedom Congress Executive Bureau Resolution on the Current Political Situations in Iraq

by  Iraq Freedom Congress

·        The complete lack of security, the deterioration of civility, and the deadlock among the pro-occupation powers are a continuation of the same route which IFC anticipated and cautioned against.

·        The alternatives presented by the US administration to end the cycle of violence do not solve the real problems which are the occupation and the ethno-religious groups that emerged as a result to deepen the tragic situation. Also, the three month period given to Al-Maliki and his cabinet by the US administration to settle their issues and maintain the US agenda is just more of the same scenario, otherwise the occupation will dissolve the government and form a national salvation government according to US media.

·        To achieve its strategy for which the Iraqi society is being destroyed, the US administration aims to sustain its legitimacy in Iraq through the ethno-sectarian groups which upheld its agenda.

·        The US agenda and its repercussions have resulted in new factors that were predicted by IFC one and half year ago. They are:

1.The deals among the ethnic and religious factions have begun to fall apart which is a miserable failure for the US project. The factions began to withdraw from the original deal by putting forward their agenda in public before the roof falls in on everyone. For instance, the Iraqi flag issue that was raised by Masood Albarazani and its repercussions; the federalism of the south that was put on the national assembly’s table by the Islamic Revolution in Iraq Supreme Council president Abdalaziz Alhakeem; the factions that were not convinced of their share in power in the (New Iraq) pushed formation of a committee to amend the constitution; accusations made by the Shiite allies to the former prime minister Ayad Alawi of plotting a coup and his reply of describing them as Iranian puppet; and finally the  threats made to the head of Iraq Harmony Front, Adnan Aldulaimi, stripping him of his immunity after recent findings of one of his guards was a terrorist’s associate. In response this faction has threatened to pull out from the political process and join the armed resistance.

2.Creating another ground and pushing for converting the sectarian war with an ethnic one to destroy the entire society. Taking advantage of the flag issue, the fractions will disband their old deals and cut new ones.

3. Giving the neighboring countries justification to intervene by sending their troops to Iraq and causing more havoc for the Iraqis. The Turkish government’s recent proclamation of having the right to send troops to Iraq, and the Iranian bombardment on the northern Iraqi border are proof of these intentions.

4.The current chaotic situation will jeopardize the safety and security of the people of Kurdistan who live in a relatively peaceful region. In addition, the situation enables the Kurdish nationalist parties to push the people towards an ethnic war.

·        Because IFC views the current scenario a result of the occupation (which spares no effort to disguise the problem), the IFC believes this tragedy can be ended by:

1.      Ending the occupation immediately

2.      Sacking the current government and all its associated establishment

3.      Establishing a non-ethnic and non-religious government through a convention with representation by all political parties, labor, students, and women

4.      The new coalition government must provide security, freedom, and prosperity

5.      Dissolving and disarming all militias in the entire country

6.      After its formation, the government will set a six month timetable to make preparation for a general election on the national level

7.      Make all the financial and logistical resources available for each candidate equally

8.      Invite international monitors to oversee the election and prevent any intimidation or terrorizing the candidates.

9.      Facilitate full access to the media personnel to cover the election

 ·        Iraq Freedom Congress calls upon the Iraqi people to join its ranks and avoid slipping into the sectarian and ethnic hatred. IFC has initiated the formation of Safety Forces made up of ordinary people who defend themselves and secure their safety. IFC calls upon people to organize themselves and open Peoples’ Houses in their neighborhoods and workplaces and raise the flag that defines people as human beings.

The Executive Bureau
Iraq Freedom Congress
November 3, 2006