January 20: Inauguration day actions nationwide


January 20: Inauguration day actions nationwide

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On January 20, the day that Bush is inaugurated, we must send an undeniable message of opposition to this administration and their entire agenda. All around the planet and throughout every corner of our nation, it must be made clear that Bush does not speak or act in the interests of the great majority of people here and around the world. The direction of this government is profoundly immoral and illegitimate, and we will show that there is a resistance that refuses to be stifled and swept under the rug.

Resistance on Jan. 20 must break out of the usual bounds of protest and be visible throughout society.

The world needs to hear that people in this country will not acquiesce to these crimes committed in our name. Silence on January 20th signals complicity and betrayal.

So let’s get going on our plans for mass repudiation on January 20th! We will not let Bush accept his second term without a thunderous roar of opposition. He does not speak or act for us, we will speak and act for the people of the world!

Great ideas are already circulating – including:

Join Not In Our Name to contribute to the mounting culture of resistance by waging a major propaganda war! In the weeks leading up to Bush’s inauguration, we imagine thousands of posters and images of the slogan “Not Our President! No! Not In Our Name!” popping up in windows of homes and in storefronts in neighborhoods around the nation.

Massive “Not Our President!” poster campaign

January 20 banner drop bonanza!

Email chain of the NO image – could spread all over the country!