Statement on launching the Campaign for the Trial of Saddam Hussein and other leaders of the Baathist regime

by Faris Mahmood

Statement on launching the Campaign for the Trial of Saddam Hussein and other leaders of the Baathist regime

The Baath regime was one of the most oppressive regimes ever seen in the contemporary world. It exceeded Hitler?s era and the other darkest eras in human history. This regime was unrestrained in committing the most horrifying crimes to protect its interests and achieve its political objectives. It was implicated in killing hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq. It was a regime which savagely butchered its opponents. Even the most loyal senior Baathists were not saved from its violence and oppression. Any protest by workers, political freedom advocates and freedom loving people was confronted with an iron fist. Over 3 decades of rule, the Baathist regime practised the worst forms of chauvinism including the policy of Arabisation, and compulsory expulsion. Its regime savagely oppressed the population in Kurdistan. It conducted a gory war against them and ethnically cleansed thousands. This regime committed genocide, created mass graves, and adopted a scorched earth policy. It carried out the notorious operation of Anfal where 182000 human beings disappeared and their fate is yet to be revealed, chemically attacked Halapcha and the marshes, destroyed thousands of villages and towns and dried up the marshes in the south.

This regime militarized the whole society and participated in reactionary wars, which claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi workers and toilers. Moreover, it threw thousands of children into the furnace of its reactionary and endless wars where the majority lost their lives. This regime raped and killed thousands of women in Iraq. It beheaded hundreds of women forced under appalling living condition to work as sex workers. It denied any responsibility for providing a minimum level of security and living standards. It denied political freedoms, and civil and individual rights. It imposed compulsory Baathisation. Its response to workers? demands for their basic rights such as the freedom to strike, hold public gatherings and to form organizations was savage suppression, imprisonment and executions. It employed all forms of political reaction including reviving chauvinist, sectarian, and tribal sentiments and traditions. Under this regime?s rule, society was turned into a kingdom of horror and fear. The vast majority of the population suffered from this evil. The reign of the Baathist regime was nothing but a terrifying nightmare.

The regime?s gory reign came to an end. However the Iraqi masses? case against this regime has not yet been heard. The Iraqi masses have not won their rights and accomplished their objective. The Iraqi masses are looking forward to seeing Saddam and other figures of his regime put on trial. The leaders of this regime must answer for untold crimes they committed. This demand by the masses is a very fair and legitimate demand. Our objective behind a trial is not revenge but revealing the truth to the masses in Iraq and worldwide. Thus we lay a strong foundation to prevent this movement and its dark tradition and politics from gaining a footing among people.

We the undersigned, announce a campaign to realize the demand of the masses of people in Iraq to put Saddam and leaders of Baath regime on trial. This campaign is based on the principles outline in (On the Demand to Try Saddam Hussein and Other Baathist Leaders) issued in the middle of March 2004 against Saddam and leaders of Baathist leaders.

The aim of this campaign is for the people of Iraq to win their rights. Saddam is not an ordinary criminal.  He represents a complete historic period full of hardships, tragedies and crimes. He represents a political and social movement. The secrets of this period and all the participants responsible for its crimes, must be revealed to the masses. The Pan-Arab tendency and movement was the political movement which stood behind the chauvinistic ideas and practices of the Baath regime. We seek the establishment of a truth-revealing court to save the masses from having to live through such a nightmare again. These deep wounds will not heal unless the truth is unearthed and the real perpetrators are identified.

We seek to try Saddam Hussein in an International Court. The current situation in Iraq presents too many obstacles to the establishment of a court that can fulfill the objectives mentioned above. These obstacles include the US occupation, the presence of an illegitimate authority-the Governing Council, the provisional constitution which incorporates capital punishment and life imprisonment, the absence of the most basic requirements to reveal truth and transparency, and so on.

We call upon all those effected by the suppression of the Baathist regime, and those who have a case against this regime, whether inside Iraq or abroad, to contact any of our branches in various Iraqi cities or the address provided below.

People who lost their loved ones, and whose rights and freedoms were violated by this regime should join this campaign. Any document that reveals any of the crimes of this regime is of great importance for the success of this campaign and to achieving the aspirations of the masses in building a free, more secure future and in eliminating the foundation of oppression and tyranny. 

We call upon all organizations, parties, and associations, and all working class, freedom-loving and humanist people worldwide to support our campaign and the demands of people in Iraq to put Saddam and the leaders of his deposed regime on trial, and to support the Iraqi masses in building a better future. We call upon all Iraqi forces, parties, and organizations, and all political, humanist and freedom-loving individuals to join our campaign to strengthen the camp which is for building a more humane society, free of tyranny and suppression.

Faris Mahmood
The coordinator of the Campaign to try Saddam Hussein and Baathist Leaders

Rebwar Arif, Sherzad Fatih, Issam Shukri, Falah Alwan, Qasim Hadi, layla Mohammed and Nadia Mahmood.

0046 (0) 73 619 46 21