Maintain USLAW Immediate Withdrawal Position, referred to the incoming Steering Committee for further consideration


Whereas, the demand for the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. military forces from Iraq has been the bedrock of USLAW’s policy and platform since its inception; and

Whereas, USLAW’s Mission Statement forthrightly calls for “Supporting Our Troops and their Families by bringing the troops home now;” and

Whereas, as a result of the plummeting support for the war and occupation by the U.S. public, a number of resolutions and bills have been and will continue to be introduced in Congress as a “way out of the Iraqi mess” but which to one degree or another perpetuate the occupation of Iraq and the intervention of the U.S. into its internal affairs; and

Whereas, these often take the form of “timelines,” “timetables,” “deployments,” “redeployments,” “over the horizon repositioning,” ”setting a date,” “partial withdrawals,” “partitioning Iraq,” and any number of other formulations that effectively prolong the U.S. military presence in Iraq, and would inevitably result in more killings and destruction; and

Whereas, some voices in the peace movement advocate that the movement support one or another of these measures as a “realistic” way of advancing the aim of getting the U.S. out of Iraq; and

Whereas, it is wrong in principle, wrong strategically, and wrong tactically for the movement to endorse any measure that would violate, abridge, infringe upon, undermine, compromise away, or otherwise trample upon the sovereignty of Iraq or the right of the Iraqi people to full self-determination, and prolong the occupation a single day beyond the time needed for transporting U.S. troops out of Iraq as quickly as possible; and

Whereas, the Vietnam antiwar movement won the support of 75% of the U.S. population to its demand for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. military forces from that country, not by compromising its basic principle and demand for “Out Now!” but by adhering to it consistently throughout the years of struggle to bring that war to an end; now therefore be it

Resolved that USLAW will maintain its immediate withdrawal position and will not support or endorse any measure or campaign that falls short of that position and contravenes USLAW’s Mission Statement, which calls for “bringing the troops home now.”

Resolved that USLAW will support legislation calling for bringing the troops home now from Iraq, which is consistent with our Mission Statement, but will not support or endorse legislation calling for a timetable for a future withdrawal, which would be a departure from our Mission Statement.[Substitute for final resolve proposed by Jerry Gordon, Ohio State Labor Party for consideration by the Steering Committee.]