5th Anniversary of Gaza Blockade | New Report on Child Health in Gaza


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June 2012


5th Anniversary of Gaza Blockade

Gaza's only fresh water source is now too dangerous to drink and is contaminated with fertiliser and human waste, according to a shocking new report from Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and Save the Children.

On the fifth anniversary of the blockade, "Gaza's Children; Falling Behind", reveals desperate families are being forced to buy from private sources, not knowing that in most cases this water too is contaminated, often at ten times the safe level.

“The blockade is a blight on the lives of Gaza’s civilians. It is shocking to see so many children struggling to live a fulfilled and healthy life � unable to play in safe areas and forced to drink dirrty and dangerous water that is making them sick,” said Aimee Shalan, MAP’s Director of Advocacy and Communications.

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Let the aid in: Gaza emergency appeal

The Israel blockade is putting the lives of 800,000 children in Gaza at risk.

We cannot begin to imagine the horrors that the children of Gaza have had to face over the last five years of the blockade. They have been forced to endure every imaginable hardship - with no hope of escape - since the borders were sealed in June 2007.

These children live in fear of hunger, sickness and war. Please donate today


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