Occupy Wall Street inspires the 'I'm getting arrested' app

by Geraldine Baum in New York


A new Android app inspired by Occupy Wall Street and other protests sweeping the globe allows protesters to notify family, friends and even their legal team that they are being arrested.

Quadrant 2 has developed the "I'm Getting Arrested" app, reports tech site CNET.com.

With thousands arrested worldwide since the protests began about a month ago, the anti-greed activists might look into this one.

The app involves entering a custom message and some SMS-ready numbers to contact if you get cuffed by police. A tap of a bull's-eye on a phone will alert Mom and others that you could be headed for lockup.

CNET.com suggests it can be used for more than just arrests. "It's actually a great shortcut for sending any kind of message in a hurry."